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Friday 1 December 2017



December 1, 2017 to January 8, 2018

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No Mercy for Men

Monday 24 July 2017

No Mercy from Lev - trailer with Lev

Guys, check out our new trailer with Lev, our Master. Click here or on the image below. 

Hope you enjoy,


Wednesday 21 June 2017

Misha: To the Extreme - Trailer

Inspired by the guy who put together the No Mercy for Men compilation in my last message, I decided to create one of my own. The subject this time is Misha. Four beautiful minutes capture his suffering in so many awesome sessions.

Click here or on the image below to watch it

Enjoy it!


Friday 16 June 2017

Studio Trailer

Hi Guys

I was browsing today and found this beautiful trailer LukeBlote, a member has created and posted. 

Guys, it's such a terrific 14 minute trailer with eye popping moments from different sessions, you have to check it out. I loved it. 

 Click here or on the still below to see it. 



Monday 22 May 2017

To Find New Guys

I often get requests to bring in new spankees. I actually am always working on this but it is a very gradual process because I have real expectations.

A guy must agree to 200 lashes for the first spanking. Before coming, he must study the site, and watch specific videos I give him to ensure that he knows what is in store for him if he comes. He must deal with the real thing.

If I see that a guy has no curiosity about corporal punishment and is only motivated by the prospect of earning money, this man is not welcome in my dungeon. I have no interest in spanking guys that are not into the punishment life style.  

The ideal man for me is not only open to the experience but wants to learn and even get hooked. These guys provide the hugest rewards. Misha is the pearl in our collection because he is a serious sub able to take the extreme and the hardcore. At the same time, he craves the pain he receives and thrives on new challenges. 

For me personally, it’s more interesting to train a Pavel or a Misha and to help them develop than to have guys who take the pay and leave the studio with a sigh of relief. I’d rather produce 10 sessions with Misha in a row, then sessions with 10 new guys who are unable to relate to what is happening. He delivers what I am looking for. They rarely do.

 NMFM is the manifestation of what I like and believe about CP and BDSM. The studio started as a free spankingtube channel with clips I shot with my friends (my companion, Artur, the Spanish Master, the Spanish Guy, Gleb), all of whom were huge CP enthusiasts. I do not want to lose the fan excitement we shared just to obtain sales. That would be hypocritical. I am only happy if our experiences remain authentic and engage men who can be fans, too.

Some guys I see will succeed; a lot will disappoint. I will only show you the ones that hold the potential. Georgiy right now has me curious. How far can I take him? Does he have the makings of a Misha, a Pavel, or an Artur? 

So do not expect big turnover. We have expectations that we know deep down most of you share with us. We are all fans together.


Wednesday 3 May 2017

Can a Master be unfair? Can a sub be unfair?

This week, Misha called Vlad unfair in his treatment of him. Misha?! Vlad?! Misha argues that it was totally unfair that he was not told that Vlad would whip his chest as an ending punishment if he did not choose it some time during the session. Misha shut the chest whipping down after ten of 50 strokes. It was not because he could not take it! Can a sub do that? Should a sub do that? Is the sub the one who is now being unfair? Vlad of course felt that he had the right to end that way! He is the Dom! And did Misha not look great?!! Whew! These two guys keep delivering great punishment and they both know it. It was only time before they would start to argue about the pain they are both reveling in!!! Is either of them fair? unfair? I love it!! It is all about the ethics!

Larry (


Saturday 15 April 2017

Straight or Gay or Bi or…?

I know that a lot of guys get excited to see a straight guy spanked, humiliated, dominated. It’s okay I guess. To each his own. With NMFM, Larry and I have no interest in pursuing the orientation of our guys. It’s honestly not what we are about.
For us, the turn-on is to see a guy spanking a guy. it’s about chemistry between a master and a victim. It’s about doms walking their subs through the pain. It’s about great subs ready to present their bodies to their masters for torment. 
There are gay, straight/bi-curious and bi men in our team. We are open-minded and respect each other as people. As such, we are more than a team, we are a family. 
You will not see us put orientation in descriptions and bios. We do not want to distract our fans and friends from our main passion. 
I am gay and a proud one. But I will never speak for the others. They speak for themselves and together we share who we are with confidence.  
Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday 11 April 2017

My deepest eternal fascination

I love to create real punishment in our videos but who does not already revel in the art of a Tom of Finland? 

For me, he is every bit what BDSM is all about. Words cannot describe what he shows us in one powerful drawing after another. And no words are needed. His art says it all already. 

My fascination with his art has no bounds. Tom of Finland was a pioneer. He paved the way for so many talented artists. How beautiful are the male bodies these talented guys have created in their images – the domination and submission they show, the corporal punishment they graphically present, and the chemistry between men that inspires them.

I include a selection of drawings by Tom of Finland. They are all just beautiful and stir me in every way.

If you are an artist that would like to contribute your art to our blog, please consider it. All of our guys would be so grateful and feel so privileged. I could even create a gallery in the Web site for us to appreciate the best of what you do. Just drop a line to Larry at


Friday 7 April 2017


I like to see guys restrained when they are punished. Show me the ropes and manacles and you get my juices flowing. I love a body bound and stretched on a St. Andrew’s Cross or in an X-frame best of all although there are many ways to get the same effect without all the gear. In the long run, the less a guy can move the more his muscles work and the more I like it. The whole body is laid out in all its glory. I can take that, thank you. There is no way for a guy to weasel out of what is being done to him and I want to believe that. Even in the classic Russian tradition of punishment on a bench, I get a kick out of restraint. Give it to me every time. A session just bounces up a notch for me. How do you like your guys to be when they suffer?


Sunday 26 March 2017

Bastinado at NMFM

Over the past year, we have received a number of requests from guys wanting to see bastinado more. We now include the activity in most of our videos, mixing it into the flow of full body torment that we deliver. 

How satisfying are these integrated bastinado excerpts for you? Are full sessions of restrained, enforced bastinado an expectation? 

Please give us your thoughts no matter how you feel. Having a better idea of what you want will help us plan.

Monday 13 March 2017

What does it mean to like pain?

What do we see in the pain that the men of No Mercy for Men take in these videos? What does it mean to like pain? Men have been traumatized and had their bodies mangled beyond recognition to get the world’s secrets for centuries. And men have given up those secrets. Today, we watch and are stimulated by this world of male punishment but, for most of us, we want to stop short of true trauma. We want the pain to be severe but be short of destruction. There is a very large line being drawn in the sand here. 

A lot seems to have to do with our romantic expectations of brave men under the lash. Are many of us products of the movies we have seen? When did we move over from being childishly thrilled to being seriously fascinated by men being hurt. Because make no mistake about it, we are fascinated by watching a beautiful man like Misha struggle with the pain that he is being dealt. 

Or do we conversely believe that there is really not all that much pain involved. And being hurt for my titillation is after all just a business. 

I write the descriptions behind the videos produced at No Mercy for Men and these questions are at the core of what I have to consider every week when I describe what I think you will find worthy about a new session. To be able to do this with more than my own romantic notions, I need to know what it is truly like to be thrashed and feel the pain. For that reason I engaged a dom here in Toronto to train me. After eight months, I can take a hell of a lot of pain. But what have I learned?

I realize now, after a session-by-session escalation of the demand on my body that I have not done this for the pain itself. My session every third Tuesday leaves me with agonized back, ass and thighs that sometimes take days to calm. Such residual pain from a session is stimulating. After all this time, I can now take a surprising amount of pain and am taking more every time. But more importantly, I have finally come to an understanding about what the men at No Mercy for Men are experiencing and in many, many sessions, they are experiencing a lot.

My training is leading me to become what I am describing (if you can get your head around that). All of this is so different from what I had thought. Training has led to self-revelation that I could never have predicted.

Realistically, a large number of the customers at No Mercy for Men have never been thrashed, let alone trained or brutalized. Their experience is for many, many reasons vicarious. But for those of you who have tried training, what was your experience? Did you start with a low threshold of pain or a high one? How did your dom move you over the line? Did you get where you wanted to go? What can you tell others about setting goals? Should they take the plunge?


Friday 24 February 2017

A hoot over the logo

When Larry and I were working on the new No Mercy for Men Web site, we decided to rebrand. An agency in the UK was asked to design a new logo for the studio.

Then I left with my bf to beautiful Mallorca for a vacation. Larry continued communication with the agency and then sent me several variants of logos from which they asked us to choose. The logos were basically serious ones as you might expect, but one was different. It was funny, even cute -). The night we had to choose finally, I was in a good mood. It only took a few glasses of wine to choose the amusing version. 

No Mercy For Men

When I returned from Mallorca, I started to feel very skeptical about my choice. To my joy, Larry told me that he had ordered another run of logos to consider, from which we finally chose the one that we are currently using.

No Mercy for Men

Since we own both logos, we are now thinking about using the fun one on the blog. What do you think? Should we? :-)


Thursday 16 February 2017

Master or Victim?

Everyone has a right to stick to his beliefs. To each his own. Personally, I am a true believer in the idea that NOTHING is set in stone in spanking/CP/BDSM.

For instance, I do not believe that the role our guys take should always be the same – only being a master, only being a victim or sub.

I believe that masters can be good subs to dominant guys, and vice versa. A great example is Lavrenty. He first showed up as a victim in a highly popular clip "Blyad!! What the Fuck?!". Lavrenty is a positive brave young man who submitted his muscular bubble butt ass to a hell of a thrashing, especially when you consider he was a first-timer. 

To my utter pleasure Lavrenty turned out to be a great DOM! His victims' hurt puts a huge sadistic smile on his face. He is not shy about his emotions at all. He laughed and smiled during all three sessions of the Las Vegas series. For whatever he lacked in technique, he made up in the passion and awesome abandon he brought to all that thrashing. What a passionate, happy thug! Watching him being a master put a huge smile on my face! Boy, did I have fun that weekend filming those sessions. That week, Lavrenty didn't go to the gym where he usually spends most of his time. He had enough exercise in those sessions, believe me:-). LOL. 

If I have a manifesto around all this, it is most evident in the session called Spankee or Spanker. My friend Israfil and I made Artur and Vitya thrash each other. We thrashed them too.  Master became sub became master became sub making it into a really fun spanking orgy. A very hot session where the lines are all blurred. 

click here to check out clips with Lavrenty

This drives my thinking and action these days. What is your reaction? Does this work for you? I would love to hear your thoughts. Are you offended when a sub becomes a punisher or when a master becomes a victim? If so, or if not, why?


Sunday 12 February 2017

Welcome to No Mercy For Men Blog

Hi Guys

Welcome to our new blog. Hope you enjoy our new clip. 

It is clear that YOU need a place to talk to each other and to us.

In the NO MERCY FOR MEN BLOG, share your ideas! What catches your attention in the videos? How do you view pain and punishment, torment and discipline? What type of thrashing turns you on? Restraints yes or no? The blog is your voice! Talk to each other! Anything goes.

Have fun.

Eddie & Larry

THE NO MERCY FOR MEN BLOG is unmoderated. To make a comment on the featured topic, click on “Comments” at the bottom of the page. The only thing that is a little tricky is to WATCH OUT that the “I Am Not a Robot” box stays clicked. If it has unclicked itself, it will lose your message when you hit Preview or Upload. If you have a burning topic you would like discussed, send your idea to or include it in a comment.